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10 | 15 | 2019
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In response to the challenge that families face while making last minute plans for a loved one, funeral homes are providing a new service.

If you're interested in a direct cremation, then your best option would be to pick one of the providers on our DFW Low Cost Cremations page.  Our list is periodically updated and we strive to maintain accurate information on reliable funeral homes.

If, however, you are planning a full service funeral, time isn't on your side when making last minute plans.  Often, a family is asked to select a funeral home within a few hours of the loved one passing away.  If a family has no pre-selected funeral home, hospitals may have a funeral home that is called by default.  Unfortunately, this funeral home may not provide the best prices and may pressure the family to secure their services for funeral arrangements.  In response to the need for a 'holding' service to allow families the time to make arrangements, the Major Funeral Home and Chapel in both Arlington and Grand Prairie will transport and hold a body for 48 hours in refrigerated storage at a cost of just under $400.  This allows time for a family to call various funeral homes to select the best price and service for their needs .  The cost variations among providers are huge and could end up saving the cost of the 'holding' service many times over.  If these funeral homes are not in your area, contact any local funeral home and ask them if they offer such a service to transport and store, by refrigeration, a body to allow you time to make any necessary arrangements.

The Major Funeral Home and Chapel

(Near Hwy 360 and I-30)
2811 Galleria Dr.
Arlington, TX
Phone: 817-608-0123
Toll Free: 888-608-7511

The Major Cremation and Funeral Center

(Alpha Crematory Service)
2731 S. Great Southwest
Grand Prairie, TX
Phone: 214-988-0000
Toll Free: 888-915-8880
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