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10 | 15 | 2019
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Review of the Neptune Society
Typical Neptune prepaid funeral contract:

  • You, the consumer, pay about $700 for standard Direct Cremation, which includes everything from body pickup to local return of the cremains.
  • All paperwork is done, and includes one death certificate.
  • This fee is put in a state-regulated trust and is fully protected.
  • You can cancel this contract if it is fully paid, receive all but 10% of its face value, and 50% of its accumulated earnings. (See prepaidfunerals.texas.gov)



Neptune adds in another $700 for what they call a "Retail Merchandise and Administrative Services Contract" , which amounts to maybe nothing more than what you have already paid for with the Direct Cremation, plus their special urn for what is listed as $350.

They "force" you into buying an urn that is expensive (some say a $20 value), and may not be what you want today or later.

Then, they have the "Transportation Protection Plan" for about $400 that covers transportation costs incurred if death occurs more than 75 miles from the house. This is pretty rare, we all know that, and so does Neptune ; )

So ... you end up paying about $1800 for what you could buy on that day for $700 from any competitive Direct Cremation outfit.

Well .... and you would have gotten an urn that you could have made or bought instead, that is personal, and maybe even fun .... and saved $700!

And, by the way, the Colorado Division of Insurance fined Neptune for $1.2M in 2009 for the practice listed above as a bait-and-switch, and a way to avoid putting the required amount of consumer funds into trust. Maybe Texas is next to go after these guys.


  • Funeral Consumer Alliance recommends taking $700 (best daily local direct cremation cost) and putting it in a Pay On Death account at your bank. It will appreciate enough to cover most (if any) rising cost of cremation.
  • Find or make your own urn. Or just wait until you need one. The crematory is required by law to provide the consumer with a basic container. You can get fancy later after things settle down.


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