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10 | 16 | 2019
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Neptune Society - A Review PDF Print E-mail

Review of the Neptune Society
Typical Neptune prepaid funeral contract:

  • You, the consumer, pay about $700 for standard Direct Cremation, which includes everything from body pickup to local return of the cremains.
  • All paperwork is done, and includes one death certificate.
  • This fee is put in a state-regulated trust and is fully protected.
  • You can cancel this contract if it is fully paid, receive all but 10% of its face value, and 50% of its accumulated earnings. (See prepaidfunerals.texas.gov)



EXPERT VIDEO ADVICE - from a State Cemetery and Funeral Inspector PDF Print E-mail

NARRATOR: Dan Redmond (Cemetery and Funeral Inspector, California Department of Consumer Affairs)

* Cremation * Cemeteries * Caskets * Funeral Homes * Funeral Directors * When Someone Dies * How To Preserve A Body For A Family Viewing At Home When Someone Dies * How To Obtain A Permit For Disposition Or A Cremation Permit * Funeral Planning Basics * How To Handle The Disposition Of A Human Body When Someone Dies * How To Donate Your Body To Science When You Die * How To Register A Death * How To Locate A Vital Records Or Death Registration Office * Military Funerals * How To Arrange A Cremation * How To Report A Death And Who To *

VIEW VIDEOS AT .......... http://www.videojug.com/user/USEX0033

New Service to Help Make Last Minute Funeral Arrangements PDF Print E-mail

In response to the challenge that families face while making last minute plans for a loved one, funeral homes are providing a new service.

Funeral Planning Kit PDF Print E-mail

Before I Go, You Should Know - Funeral Planning Kit

Every adult American should have one in the freezer. What? Before I Go, You Should Know -- an end-of-life planning kit.

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