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Vital Statistical Information for Texas Death Certificate

Even in death, there is paper work.

The following minimum vital statistics from the family or the decedent (if done through a prearrangement) will be required to complete the death certificate in Texas.  If you preplanning your final disposition, give this information to your family and/or close friends.  The funeral director needs this information to complete the required death certificate.

Name of Decedent


Decedent's Address (Street, City-Town, State/Zip, County)

Sex:  Male / Female


Citizen USA:  Yes / No

Decedent's Birthplace

Decedent's Date of Birth

Father's Name  /  His Birthplace

Mother's Name  /  Her Birthplace

Marital Status

Surviving Spouse Name

Date & Place of Marriage

Employment Status:  Retired (Year??)  /  Presently Employed  /  Not Employed

Usual Occupation

Kind of Business


Employed Number of Years

Social Security Number

Highest Education

Veteran:  Yes / No

Branch of Service


Service Dates

Service Number




* Sample Vital Statistics Questionnaire - see page 2 (DFW Area Funeral Home)

* Prior to death, may I declare in a legally binding form my wishes for final body disposition?

* Prior to death, may I appoint an agent to make all decisions about my final body disposition?