Disposition of Indigent/Unclaimed Decedents in Dallas County - Who is Responsible? Print

In Dallas County, the Office of Medical Examiner is responsible.

The County's responsibility for disposition of indigent and unclaimed decedents is discussed in the Tex. Health and Safety Code Ann. 694.002 and 71 1.002. State law allows the Commissioners Court to determine the manner of disposition for unclaimed and indigent decedents.

The duty of the OME [Office of Medical Examiner] (on behalf of the County) to deliver bodies not claimed for burial or a body required to be buried at public expense to the SAB [State Anatomical Board] is stated in Tex. Health and Safety Code Ann. 691.023, as is the requirement for the County to bear the cost of disposition for decedents not utilized by the SAB for the advancement of medical sciences.

For more information, read the source of the above quotation included in the Dallas County Commissioners Court Briefing Agenda (October 21, 2008) starting at page 52/108:

Letter Dallas County Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences to the Commissioners Court Dated April 12, 2006; Subject - Amended Interlocal Agreement with University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and County Policy Revision for Indigent and Unclaimed Adult Decedent Disposition


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