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Our National Organization

In the forefront of educating the public on their rights as funeral consumers is the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA), located in South Burlington, Vt., a nonprofit organization founded in 1963. Along with monitoring industry trends and mediating complaints, the organization spends much of its effort alerting consumers to the existence of what is known as “the Funeral Rule,” issued in 1984 by the Federal Trade Commission.

The Funeral Rule requires funeral directors to itemize the costs of their services (like picking-up the body, embalming, using make-up, purchasing the casket, flowers, a viewing, a service at the funeral parlor or church, a hearse and a grave-site ceremony). But noncompliance is rampant and widespread, says FCA’s executive director, Joshua Slocum. “It’s [actually] a huge problem,” says Slocum, who prices a typical funeral in this country — excluding cemetery costs — at about $6,500.

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