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10 | 15 | 2019
Alternative Options
Looking for alternative arrangements?  Everything from body donation to home funerals is covered here.
  • Hospice Care   ( 1 Article )
    Resources for Hospice Care
  • DIY Home Funeral   ( 4 Articles )
    This contains information to plan and execute a personal family driven home funeral.
  • Green Burial   ( 1 Article )
    Covers all aspects of Green and Earth Friendly Burials.
  • Body Donation   ( 3 Articles )
    Information and resources to will your body for medical and education purposes.  Each facility has different requirements and forms to fill out.  Please contact the facility personally to find out about their requirements and to register.  Don't forget to notify your friends and/or family about your decision and make alternate arrangements in the event that the receiving institution cannot use the donation.
  • Organ Donation   ( 4 Articles )

    Information and resources to donate your organs and save a life.  These sites answer any questions you may have regarding organ donation.  In addition, you can register to become an organ donor within the state you reside in.

  • Tissue Donation (Anatomical Donation)   ( 5 Articles )
    A new option dealing with end of life donation. Tissue, or Anatomical Donation is the donation of organs and tissues for medical research and education.  This form of donation covers areas where Body Donation and traditional Organ Donation leave off.  Tissues and organs can be donated for research studies, training, education purposes, and transplant.
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